November Superfood: Sweet Potatoes

November Superfood: Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and sweet potatoes are a staple of the turkey day tradition. Even more reason sweet potatoes are a seasonal favorite, aside from tasting yummy, they are:

➔High in vitamin B6

➔Vitamin C  & D source

➔Supports a better immune system

➔Magnesium, which helps you relax!

➔Naturally sweet, avoiding blood sugar spikes

➔Versatile & delicious!

There are different varieties of sweet potatoes. Some are pale almost white, while others are that bright orange we all associate with sweet potatoes. There are even purple ones if you can find them!

But any way you get them, they all taste the same.

Make them like a baked potato and serve them with your favorite toppings.

Have you tried sweet potato toast? It’s the newest craze! So insanely simple, just slice, toast and top!

There are so many ways eat these tasty tubers. Share your favorite recipes in the comments or hop on over to Facebook and share your favs in the comments there!


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